The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Bookkeeping Business

Look into our comprehensive guide to small-business marketing, which will cover how to reach people through SEO, search ads, social media and more. Develop the skills you need to lead a more profitable business. Time-saving tips to accurately record your transactions and create reports. If you’re still unsure of whether bookkeeping The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Bookkeeping Business is the right choice for you, let’s break down some of the advantages and disadvantages. They let you process bills in the cloud for clients and approve them without anyone needing to print or mail checks. At first glance, Xero seems cheaper overall than QuickBooks, but that’s because their cheapest plan is very limited.

The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Bookkeeping Business

When the financial year ends, and it’s time to submit taxes, all businesses need accurate records of their income and outgoings. You set your own wages, and nobody values your time more than yourself! When you work for someone else, you will be paid less money than you make them – it has to be this way, or they won’t make a profit!

Types Of Bookkeeping

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What can a bookkeeper not do?

  • Record all transactions and assign them to a relevant account.
  • Pay and issue invoices on your behalf.
  • Verify receipts.
  • Prepare basic financial statements.

A bookkeeper is an instrumental part of any business operation. A company hires a bookkeeper to manage and organize its finances, including detailing and categorizing all transactions. They help small-business owners get a handle on their cash flow — one of the most important barometers for a healthy business.

How to Protect Your Small Business From Fraud

First Citizens Bank neither endorses nor guarantees this information, and encourages you to consult a professional for advice applicable to your specific situation. Getting your accounting right is key to your business’s long-term financial health. Still, it can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Doing your own accounting for your business can be the right approach, but only if you have the expertise and don’t mind devoting your time to it. However, a significant drawback of the DIY accounting approach is that what you save in terms of dollars, you lose in terms of time. As a business owner, the hours you spend managing your books may be better spent on activities that drive more revenue. Outsourcing this task leaves the accounting to the experts and frees internal resources to focus on core competencies.

  • If you’re sitting on the fence about outsourced bookkeeping services, there’s a lot to think about.
  • With so many low-cost accounting tools available, it’s easy for business owners to do their own accounting or rely on software to handle their accounting needs.
  • This article includes ready-made templates and simple directions for getting started on your own books.
  • No matter which you choose, YOU are still responsible for your books in the end.
  • Outsourcing these tasks means business leaders have to relinquish control of the books and their management processes.

This is primarily due to bookkeeping software and automated tools making it easier for small businesses to operate without a dedicated bookkeeper. If your clients will be sending you things such as receipts or statements, you might want to consider the tool that you’ll use to share files. A popular option is Dropbox, in which you can create a shared folder that both you and your clients have access to. Many clients will look for your website to find out about you and your experience. If you’re specifically running a totally virtual business, a website is extra important since it can demonstrate to clients your skills. And luckily, there are plenty of website builders to make creating your website a breeze.


We want to introduce you to the pros and cons of a bookkeeping business and the best course that you can use to become a great freelance bookkeeper online for small businesses! You will learn exactly what to expect for virtual bookkeeping rates that you can charge clients. A downside of Bench is that it specializes in cash-basis accounting, although there is a custom accrual accounting plan on the Pro plan..

  • While there are some clear advantages to bookkeeping, the practice has drawbacks that can affect company efficiency and profitability.
  • You also have more control over when your taxes and other necessary business filings are complete.
  • This resource contains 10 tips to increase your client base.
  • Here at GrowthForce, we’ve helped businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, gain the peace of mind, efficiency, and actionable financial intelligence they need to succeed.
  • As online business become more and more common outsourcing options are becoming plentiful.

These companies are chomping at the bit to earn your business. They’re constantly trying to come up with ways to create a better financial mouse trap. An in-house employee can get stuck in a rut due to the lack of competition. If you’re sitting on the fence about outsourced bookkeeping services, there’s a lot to think about. Whether you’ve been in the accounting industry for years or you’re considering starting a bookkeeping business with no experience, there’s something for you to learn in this article.

A Dedicated Outsourced Accounting Team, & a Virtual Accounting Machine

Some accounting software is very simple, catering to those without much savvy or desire to learn. Others are very comprehensive and cover just about every aspect all in one secure cloud-based area. Now, just because we learn how to start a bookkeeping business using QuickBooks Online, your learning and development does not stop there. Is the accounting software most used by virtual bookkeepers.

The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Bookkeeping Business

Another big reason to do your homework and check up on what people/users are saying is to see what their customer service is like. Some have devoted a ton more resources to this part while others haven’t. Expect that with most providers there may be occasional downtime, updates, hot fixes, etc. When readers purchase services discussed on our site, we often earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Next, create a table or spreadsheet listing your competitors to include in your plan, often referred to as a competitor analysis table. As we hold onto this professional’s mentality, let’s now shift our focus to the exact tools, technology and certifications you need.

It can be a lucrative career for those with a keen eye for numbers and diligence with record-keeping. You’ll need a reliable, modern laptop or desktop computer to use day-to-day. Most bookkeeping software runs on both Mac and PC, so that’s just a personal preference. Although you don’t need formal training to be a bookkeeper, if you’re serious about making this a successful business, you should think about getting a bookkeeping qualification. Preparing invoices and sending them out to clients is also the responsibility of the bookkeeper. You’ll be in charge of managing the accounts receivable ledger and chasing any late payments.