Little Hearts

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Little Hearts is an organisation in Cambodia that provides a home and education for children until they are self-supporting young adults.

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Our children go to school and take enrichment classes like taekwondo, drawing, dancing … They also help with typical household tasks such as cooking, cleaning and gardening.

However, our work does not stop at the home. We contribute to the development of Arey Ksat, the village where we are located. We offer the village children a chance for a better future. Approximately 100 children take extra lessons with our children at Little Hearts. We provide free health care to community children as well.

This way we work on sustainable development.

To make this happen, we always welcome new  donors and sponsors. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference to our children.

All donations support Little Hearts to house, nurture and educate our children and those in the nearby village.

Kinderen die boek lezen
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Little Hearts contributes to a better Cambodian society by giving children who are left to their own devices the chance to step out of the poverty circle.


We do this by providing a safe and loving home and the space for our children to develop their own skills and talents. Quality education is a  key to success and self-reliance.

We are not just a home for children. We also offer education to both our own children and the neighborhood children.

We support several families from the nearby villages. In this way we build a sustainable future together.

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