What do we do?


Little Hearts contributes to a better Cambodian society by giving children who are left to their own devices the chance to step out of the poverty circle.

Through a loving upbringing and quality education, Little Hearts offers all the opportunities that every child is entitled to a promising future for themselves and their families so that they in turn can pass on a good example to others in need.

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Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by the United Nations. 17 development goals or SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are promoted as global goals for sustainable development.

The goal is to give this planet and all its inhabitants a livable and sustainable future by 2030.

We are happy to contribute to this and are committed to some of these goals:




Our goal is to ensure that every child under our wings grows up to be an educated, successful and responsible adult with hope for a bright future. We achieve the continuity of the learning process by choosing recognized Cambodian schools, colleges and universities. All children get the chance to choose an education that matches their talents and interests. This can range from marketing, agronomy, nursing to automechanics.

In addition, after school hours extra classes in English, Khmer, computer science and homework are offered by Cambodian teachers in the Little Hearts School.

Creativity and sport are important in the development of every child. The children follow taekwondo, drawing and traditional Khmer dance classes.

Also after graduation we guide the children in finding a suitable job and building an independent life.

Environmental care

In a country like Cambodia, climate change can be felt enormously. We teach our children (and the villagers) to consciously deal with waste sorting, waste incineration and the use of plastic. We sort and compost.

Sothon, one of the oldest boys of the orphanage, follows his training in the agricultural school and puts his knowledge into action. He laid out a fruit and vegetable garden. With the help of the other children, this garden is maintained and the family can enjoy home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Support for many


We support several families from the villages in the neighborhood. We offer them clothing and food and finance the education of their children. In this way we build a sustainable future together.

Good health and wellness

We teach our children and local employees the importance of health and well-being by thoroughly educating and informing them.

We provide regular medical check-ups in collaboration with dentists, ear and eye doctors and general doctors. (Family Dental Clinic & Raffles Hospital).

Attention is paid to the mental health of the children. It is important that they can talk about their feelings and thoughts. Tony is often the first person they turn to, as are the childcare workers with whom the children have a relationship of trust.

Children who need specialized help are accompanied by professional counselors.

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In the near future, Little Hearts wants to focus more on becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient. That is why we want to start with a number of projects in which we involve the older children.

The agricultural project: we want to grow fruit and vegetables for own use and for sale on the local market.

The art project: we organize exhibitions where our creative children can show and sell their works.

The environmental project: with this we want to sensitize the children and villagers to sort and recycle correctly.